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"MENE, TECKEL, PERES" (Daniel 5).

What is one thing in our lives that we must remember and never forget? The King Belshazzar in Daniel 5 made a crucial mistake. He forgot God. How can we make sure to remember God all the time in our lives? This sermon was preached at uVillage church on Feb 14, 2021.

Application Questions from the Sermon:

1. What is the meaning of MENE? How would want your loved ones to remember you when you leave the earth?

2. What is the meaning of TECKEL?What is something that you trust more than God?

3. What is the meaning of PERES? What areas of your life are you holding back, instead of giving everything to God? How can you give more of your time, more of your talent, and more of your treasure to God?

4. How can you remember God all the time throughout the day (at your school, at your work-place, etc..)?

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