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A Career Lesson from a TV show, "Let's Play Basketball!"

When you are choosing a career, based on what factors are you making your decisions? Are you choosing a career based on the worldly factors such as compensation or respect of the society? Or, are you choosing a career based on how God designed you to be.

One Korean TV reality show that my wife and I enjoy watching lately is a program called, "Let's play basketball" (뭉쳐야쏜다 in Korean). In this TV show, around 10 retired athletes (from soccer, baseball, UFC, Tennis, gymnast, skating, and volleyball) in South Korea come together to learn basketball and play basketball together. You can watch little bit of that here:

What is so funny about this program is that the the former top notch international athletes in their own area of sports are struggling to learn the basketball rules and play the game. For example, a former baseball player Byung-Hyun Kim was one of the best pitchers in Major League Baseball. But to see him, one of the best baseball players in the world, struggling to learn the Basketball rule is both funny and little bit shocking to me as well. By watching this program, I came to the conclusion that:

The baseball player shines the brightest when he is throwing the ball, not when he is shooting the basket. The soccer player shines the brightest, when he is playing with his feet, not with his hand, and so on.

I wonder a lot of times in our lives whether we are wasting our life pursuing things that are not in align with what God created us to be. God has created all of us with a unique talent and with a unique personality. God exactly knows where we will shine the brightest. But, in the world, where we are constantly being compared with the societal standards, we are told, "If you choose this or that, then you will not measure up to the people's expectations."

But as Christians we need to be where God has called us to be, because we shine the brightest when we are doing the things that God has called and gifted us with. How do we know where God has called us to be? For sure it comes with a lot of discernment through reading the Scripture, praying, and seeking advise from the people around us. But often, the place that God calls us are where our God-given talents are meeting the needs of the world. So, when you are choosing your career, in addition to meditating on the Scripture and praying, see what God has talented you with and ask God to show you how your talent can serve meeting the needs of the world. Remember:

God wants you to shine the brightest where he has called you to be, not where the world says you should be.
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